Housing Counseling

CAPHMLC is a certified HUD Housing Counseling agency. We provide HUD housing counseling services which may include:

  • Homebuyer/Homeowner Education Seminars
  • Pre-Purchase Counseling
  • Default and Foreclosure/Loss Mitigation Counseling
  • Rental Housing Counseling
  • Credit/Budget Counseling

Homeowner Education Seminars

First Time Home Buyer: Realize your dream of becoming a homeowner. Our comprehensive class walks you step by step through the home purchase process. Learn how to create and use a budget, discuss the different types of mortgages, how much home you can afford, mortgage borrower’s rights, the role of a Realtor and much more.
Credit Counseling: Budgets, money management, how to read your credit report. What's your financial profile? Wise use of credit, understand the type, sources and cost of credit and loans, keeping good financial records, distinguishing between wants vs. needs and saving for the future.

Counseling Services - One-on-One Sessions

Pre-purchase: Assistance with creating a budget, reading your credit report, how to choose a lender and guidance through the purchase process.
Post-purchase: Telephone follow-up after the pre-purchase class to ensure client has achieved their goals.
Foreclosure and Default Resolution: Assistance for clients in danger of foreclosure. Extensive budget counseling, refinancing or mortgage restructuring options and guidance.
Rental Counseling: Counseling on understanding a lease, responsibilities as a tenant and fair housing laws. Learn how to create and use a budget.